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Administrator and Founder

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PostSubject: THE SITE WIDE RULES ~ READ THIS FIRST!   Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:33 pm

Here are the rules of Dyna Wrath that applies anywhere on this site:

a. Respect the mods and admins, and all members of this forum.
b. Only one account per person is permitted. If you want to create another account, ask one of the admins first. Creating multiple accounts to bypass bans and/or violate the forum rules will result to a ban and IP ban on both accounts. EVEN BUGMENOT/ FREELOGINS.NET /LOGMENOT ACCOUNTS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
c. Post your thread/topic in the most appropriate place. The threads/topics found in the wrong forum will be moved. Do not post the same thread/topic in multiple areas.
d. No warez/pirated software discussion anywhere in this forum. Even in PM. Posting links to torrents/torrent downloading sites/warez/illegal software will result in a ban.
e. Don't SPAM. Posts must be minimum of 5 words and 25 characters (excluding BBCodes). Traditional spam is worse than posting meaninglessly.
f. Don't insult others, flame, flamebait, or join flame wars.
g. No links to malicious sites, (including unclosable pages), or things that nobody wants to see, (scare pages, rickrolls, or otherwise stupid sites, etc).
h. Don't be a TROLL. And don't perform backseat modding or complain about admin actions in public.
i. No posting topics that are made for the sole purpose of provoking real-life conflicts that are damaging to the participants.
j. No swearing, no strong language, no posting NSFW/for adults only content, no hentai/porn, and don't post offensive material..
k. Posting paid advertising on the forum is strictly prohibited and will result to permaban. DON'T ADVERTISE ANY SITE HERE, JUST PROMOTE YOUR FORUM (MUST NOT CONTAIN PRODUCTS SOLD FOR REAL-LIFE MONEY) AS YOU WISH! BUT ONLY IN YOUR SIG!
l. Don't post on topics with last replies are 30 days old, unless you have something important about the topic to add, or you have something to ask about it.
m. Don't double- or multi-post! AND DON'T FLOOD OR DESTROY THIS FORUM! Use the edit button wisely! The only thing you can bump your created topic is to wait for 48 hours without someone replying to your topic.
n. Don't impersonate any real-life person here.
o. Don't post in all caps or leetspeak. Try to use proper English.
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