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 Tutorials Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Tutorials Forum Rules   Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:10 pm

Tutorials Forum Rules
1. Site-wide rules apply
2. Alongside this topic, only tutorials topics are allowed in the Tutorials forum.
3. No redundant tutorials with a tiny output difference.
4. No hijacking of threads!
5. Only one tutorial per topic.
6. It is recommended to post your own tutorials.
7. No links to third-party sites or direct downloads.
8. Good constructive criticism is encouraged.
9. Tutorials must have proper pictures as aids.
10. Always use search before writing tutorials.
11. All tutorials must be English, so use proper English!
12. Tutorials must be finished before posting them to the correct section.
13. No links or posting other peoples tutorials without proper consent and credits.

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Tutorials Forum Rules
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