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 Requests and Shops Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Requests and Shops Forum Rules   Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:10 pm

Request Forum Rules
1. Site-wide rules apply
2. Please search this site before you make requests!
3. Only one request item per topic.
4. Do not rush the members that are taking your requests for you. They give up their time and effort to make these requests for you, so you should have the patience to wait as long as the member wants to take. If we catch you rushing members, we'll lock the thread and tell them not to worry about finishing the request.
5. Try not to make your request too complicated or difficult for the members to complete.
6. Topic titles must be meaningful
7. Do not hijack topics made by others.
8. For shops: The creator of the request shop must be included in its topic title. You may add your own rules in addition to this rule, but please make sure that the request posting format for the appropriate subsection is followed (except for the shop creator's own posts in his/her own shop).
8. Shops created by the members who create a topic in the Leaving? section will be closed. If you have returned and posted your comeback topic in the Returning Users Reintroduction section, you may ask the staff to reopen your shop if you wish. Same comes with banned members, but in this case shops created by the members banned for a specified time will be closed. Permabanned members' shops will be closed forever and may be moved in the Trash Basket.
9. DO NOT expect or demand people to do your request, people have lives and are busy on other things.
10. Each subsection of the Requests and Shops section have their own request posting format that you should follow if you are making a request in one of the said subsections. Failure to follow the mentioned formats will result in your topic being deleted.

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Requests and Shops Forum Rules
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