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 Warcraft III Resource Rules

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PostSubject: Warcraft III Resource Rules   Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:52 am

General Rules
1. All resources must be in ZIP or RAR format and must be uploaded to UploadRobots or Windows Live Skydrive
2. All resources must be posted to the proper section/subforum
3. All resources must have preview pictures
4. You must give credits for them
5. All resources must comply to the site-wide rules
6. If the author of the resource you're trying to post asks for permission to post anywhere else, it is NOT RECOMMENDED TO do so here if you posted anyway the resource with its author's permission, please send the admins a note via PM pertaining to that.
7. Posting texture paths are recommended.

Animated Unit Models
1. All unit models posted must have the basic animations, depending on the number of lower limbs the model has and the way it basically moves
2. All model submissions must have screenshots; they must be from War3ModelEditor (most recommended), MdlVis, or in-game (the model must be focused in in-game screenshots; PNG images of the model itself (in MDX format) are acceptable); BUT NOT FROM WOW OR OTHER GAMES
3. Credits are to be given to all those who contributed to the making and animating of the model; if the author is unknown, state it by unknown
4. Ripped models are allowed; but you must credit the developer(s) of the game from which the model ripped from

Unanimated Models and SFX
1. Unanimated unit models must be posted in the Unit Models needing Conversion/Animation section with credits
2. You can post if it already has bones, what file format is it currently (mdx, mdl, ms3d, etc., but NOT MAX FORMAT), and (optional) an idea of what you want the animations to be
3. Same rules as the General Rules above
4. For doodads stand animation is required but death animation is optional.
5. For SFX models they must be working in-game and screenshot of each pf them in-game is required.
6. For attachment models they must have attachment points, must be not too large, and must be working in-game.
7. Ripped models are allowed; but you must credit the developer(s) of the game from which the model ripped from

1. Skins/reskins of existing WC3 models are accepted. But skins/reskins of models not posted on Dyna Wrath are not accepted, unless the said models are posted.
2. The resource must make clear what model it is for. If it is for a custom model, link to the resource.
3. Always include the texture path in the post.
4. Skins/reskins posted here must be working in-game.
5. Skins/reskins must have screenshots in War3ModelEditor, mdlVis, or in-game.
6. The dimensions of the skins must be 128x128, 256x256, or 512x512

1. For custom UI it must be working in-game, must have proper screenshot in-game, and must have import paths posted.
2. Same rule above for tilesets.

1. Submissions must in in both Warcraft III BTN and DISBTN; Passive and Autocast borders are required only for abilities and spells.
2. Picture of the icon must be in the BTN version itself (screenshots of it in-game are not recommended), but pictures of its other versions are optional.
3. Icons must be made by yourself. Freehand, CnP, and/or Recolors are allowed.

Spells and Systems
1. Currently, spells are allowed in Vanilla GUI (No third party GUI modifications), JASS, vJASS, and Zinc. All spells must work with the latest patch.
2. Spells and systems must be working properly in-game, must have proper scoping, must be reusable, leakless, and multiinstanceable (MUI).
3. Spells must have proper screenshot in-game.
4. Spells and systems must have an adequate description.
5. DotA spells are allowed, but the author for them MUST NOT BE A SPELL MAKER FOR DOTA ITSELF.

1. Tools must be related to WC3; hacks and maphacks are not alllowed.
2. If the sound/music resource you posted is not by you or is ripped by a video game by you, you must not be included in the credits.
4. The Work in Progress section is where you post pics of your upcoming resource; don't post WIP of others' work.
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Warcraft III Resource Rules
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