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 World of Warcraft Section Rules

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PostSubject: World of Warcraft Section Rules   Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:00 am

World of Warcaft Subforum Rules
1. All posts must be WoW-related and must comply with the site-wide rules
2. Each subforum of this section has specific scope(s) as stated in their respective description, so KEEP ON-TOPIC
3. No account-selling and gold-selling because they are illegal, as well as cheating and exploiting even bugs. Strictly no discussion about them, even in PM.
4. For Guild Discussion: Basically the same rules as the Warcraft III Clan Disucssion section, but the scope instead this time is WoW guilds
5. For UI, Macros, and AddOns: Discussion of these must comply with the site-wide rules; download links should only point to popular AddOns, UI, and macros download sites (like WoWUI.incgamers.com, WoWInterface.com, and Curse.com and its core sites), NOT file hosting sites like MegaUpload; also AddOns and Macros which is known to cause their users unfair advantage are not allowed. (for UI a screenshot of the UI in-game in WoW should be posted.)
6. Don't post links to WoW scam and WoW-hacking sites; hacking any of WoW's vital game files for WoW only (such as model-changing) is not tolerated.
7. Don't post fake raid boss kills here.
8. For Roleplay: This section is ONLY for roleplay (RP) performed in WoW, RP in WoW discussion, and chit-chat about RP and RP-PvP servers. (OPTIONAL: You can post YouTube videos of RP in WoW if you wish). Remember that
no one is invincible, no godmodding, and no application of cheats and hacks to RP.
9. For Guides: Only guides related to WoW are allowed to post as new topics, and they must comply with the above rules.

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World of Warcraft Section Rules
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